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The Two Ways to Live

This website contains books that describe major Biblical and Buddhist archeological discoveries. All of them indicate that the Bible and other ancient wisdom literature describe  two ways to  live:
  • The Way of the Mind


  • The Way of the Soul

The following chart outlines the main differences. The brief descriptions in the chart are expanded in the books, videos, and other materials that you find on this site.

The Way of the Mind

The Way of the Soul

Blind Beliefs

On this Way, people blindly believe truths that they do not experience. E.g., they believe in a God and in abstract theological statements that they do not experience.

Experiential Beliefs

On this Way, people generally only believe the truths that they experience. E.g., They do not believe in a God nor in statements by theologians and others that they do not experience.

Mental Living

These people live in their mind.

Soul Living

These people live soul-connected with all.

Indoctrinated with Personal Answers

These people invite authorities (clergy, politicians, parents, peers, traditions, the media, authors of scripture, etc.) to indoctrinate them with religious and other social truths about what to believe and how to act.

Self-Discovery of Personal Answers

These people primarily listen to Spirit (God, Allah, Yahovah, one’s higher self, etc.) and secondarily to others to decide for themselves what to believe and how to act.


These people become dependent conformists.


These people become independent seekers

Primarily Use Reason

These people primarily reason logically with their minds to decide how to live and act; and secondarily, they use their intuition.

Primarily Use Intuition

These people primarily use soul-intuition to know how to live and act. They secondarily use mental reasoning.

Live Mentally in the Past and Future

These people live mentally in the past and future while trying to be fulfilled.

Soul Live in the Now

These people live still in the moment to be enlightened by Spirit to take the next perfect step into deeper fulfillment.

Identifies with Groups

These people identify with religions, political parties, and racial, sexist, nationalistic, etc. tribes and their beliefs.

Identifies with Oneself

These people do not identify with any groups that attempt to control their journeys.

Distorts Reality

These people ignore, distort, and create facts to support the truths held by the groups with which they identify.

Sees Reality

These people are objective because they do not defend and promote any personal or group identity.

Love is Love

These people do not notice differences in types of love.

Three Kinds of Love

These people observe 3 kinds of love:

1. Naïve Unconditional Love: The person unconditionally loves another without noticing his limitations and imperfections.

2. Guarded Conditional Love: The person fakeloves another on the condition that he meets standards.

3. Wise Unconditional Love: The person unconditionally loves another while being aware of the his limitations and imperfections.

Truth Is Objective

These people hold that truth is 2D, that is, it is the same for everyone no matter his level of personal development.

Truth Is Subjective

These people observe that truth is 3D, that is, as one grows personally, truths evolve. E.g., people living at high levels of wise-love observe the same things as people living at low levels; however, those more evolved see things more truly.

Good People Can Agree

These people believe that honest, good-spirited communication can solve most problems.

People Will Never Fully Agree

These people observe that to the degree that people live on different levels of truth, to that degree that will never agree.

Steadfast Faith in Dogmas

These people seek to possess blind, steadfast faith in truths

Tentative Faith in Dogmas

These people continually suspend their previous faith in dogmas to discover higher truths.

Embraces External Rewards and Punishments

These people support authorities who establish reward and punishment systems to ensure conformity with the groups doctrine.

Embraces Self-Rewards and Punishments

These people measure their own thoughts and behavior against their own inspired standards of wise-love of all.

The World is Orderly and Disorderly

These people hold that there is order, luck, and coincidences at the same time.

The World is Perfect Order

These people observe that what appears to be luck and coincidence is actually perfect order. They notice that in each moment they are given what they need to evolve to a higher level of wise love and truth.

Authorities Define God

These people empower theologians, clergy, and Atheists to define God for them.

Each Person Defines God for Himself

These people continually redefine on their own what God means to them.

Prayer Helps

These people sometimes pray that a God will intervene in an un-orderly world.

Prayer Unnecessary

Instead of praying, these people seek Spirit guidance to understand and deal with the perfect order behind both easy and challenging events.

Takes Vows Primarily to People and Things

These people take vows and pledges to people, flags, groups, and creeds.

Takes Vows Primarily to Spirit Guidance

These people make vows and pledges secondary to Spirit-guided personal development.

Satan Tempts Us

Some of these people hold that an external evil force affects us.

We are in Charge

These people observe that every emotion and idea contains the impulse to evolve and devolve.

We were Born in Sin

Some of these people hold that they were born in sin or evil.

We were Born Soul-Perfect

Many of these people observe that everyone is born core divine and saved.

Different Kinds of Life

Some of these people hold that some things are inanimate, and that there are fundamental differences between plant, animal, human, and divine life.

Everything is Alive

Many of these people observe that divine life is in everything at various levels of evolution.

A Person is Ultimately Alone

These people hold that the mind of each person manufactures inspired ideas.

A Person is Ultimately One with All

Many of these people observe that when one becomes still and in the moment, he may intuitively know that he is one with the universal intelligence in all. In that “zone” he may say, “The information comes through me and I guide it.”

Fears Independent Thinking

These people believe that letting people develop their own subjective personal truths will lead to chaos and immorality.

Embraces Independent Thinking

These people believe that indoctrinating people with personal truths creates uncritical, enslaved humans who conflict with other people who embrace different truths.

Peace Comes From Encouraging Conformity and Tolerance

These people hold that world peace will happen when everyone believes and acts as “my” tribes and “I” do, or when everyone tolerates the truths of others that they have been trained to regard as “untrue” and “evil.”

Peace Comes from Encouraging Individuality

These people observe that world peace will happen when everyone unites by empowering everyone else to discover their own answers.

Conformity Leads to Stagnant Relationships

These people seek stable relationship based on conformity to core values, and ways of thinking.

Independent Seeking Leads to Vital Relationships

These people seek dynamic relationships based on mutually supportive seeking.

Divided Within

These people are divided between who they are and the false identities they take on to get along with others.

One with Themselves

These people are one with themselves because they identify only with their unique version of their core divine life that they share with all.

Divided Without

These people are divided from others who differ from them.

One with Others

These people encourage differences; consequently, they feel one with everyone.

Lives Threatened

These people identify with groups, beliefs, things, etc.; consequently, they can be threatened by losses or by being challenged by people who differ.

Lives Securely

These people identify only with the core life that they share with everyone; consequently, they are not threatened by loss or by the opinions of others.

Meets Expectations

These people will be the same day after day

Upsets Expectations

These people will be different every day.

Law Abiding Citizens

These people live in accord with established, religious and civil rules and laws, and other social expectations.

Rogue Citizens

These people make Spirit-guided wise-love of oneself and others more important than any laws, rules, or social expectations.

Special People Communicate with God

These people hold that only special individuals such as prophets, saints, and clergy can have back and forth communication with God.

Everyone may Communicate with God

These people observe that every person may intuitively have back and forth communication with whom or what they call “God.”

The Way of the Mind

was taught by Moses, Paul the Apostle, Mohammed, and by most leaders today


The Way of the Soul

 was taught by Eve, * Abraham, Buddha, Jesus and many other wisely loving people. Few leaders teach it today.



The Way of the Mind

was called:

By Eve: “Nod” (Wandering)

By Abraham: “The Foreign Land,” and “Wilderness”


By Buddha: “The World,” “Darkness,” “Death” and “Slavery.”

By Jesus: “The world,” Darkness,” “Death,” “Dividedness,” and “Poverty.”


The Way of the Soul

was called:

By Eve: “The Garden of Eden”

By Abraham “The Promised Land”


By Buddha: “The other side of the river of passions,” “Light,” “Life” “Oneness,” and “Freedom”

By Jesus: “The Kingdom,” “Light,” “Life,” “Oneness,” and “Richness.”


*Eve: Our pseudo-name for the author of the Garden of Eden chapter in Genesis.
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