Website Numerals:7771” means Biblically, “the perfect one”—each of us.

Website Sub-Name: The Soul Way. It is Jesus’ unknown way that is explained in the books and other materials on this website.

Website Main Author: Robert W. North Ph.D.

7771 Org. Address: 1320 Ynez Pl. 626-189003; Coronado, California, 92118.

7771 Org. Goals:

  • To present Jesus’ lost Book, The Gospel of Thomas, and its paradigm-shift message.
  • To teach The Soul Way.
  • To bring together people who are on The Soul Way.
  • To teach Semitic Parallelism—the lost method Semitic authors used to organize and explain compositions such as The Gospel of Thomas and most of the books in the Bible.
  • To explain the roots of Jesus’ gospel in the teachings of Buddha, and in the Garden of Eden, the Abraham, and the Moses allegories.
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