Most associate Eve (my name for the author of the Garden of Eden allegory), Abraham, Buddha, and Jesus with religion. We devote this website to proving that thinking to be false.

Eve, Abraham, Buddha, and Jesus saw the same thing you see today: people discriminating against, persecuting, and killing others because they differ in their religious, political, and social dogmas.

Eve and Jesus were observers of human development, not theologians. They agreed that we are born with divine life, symbolized by the Biblical Number 7771. We are not born with original sin or the need for religious laws and dogma to guide us. Our problem: We fail to live and evolve our divinity.

As a result, these masters articulated a radical, alternative “Way” to develop our divinity and fulfill ourselves personally and spiritually. If everyone lived their “Way,” there would be no religious conflicts and fewer other kinds. Further, we would peacefully solve the world’s problems that cause so much suffering.

I am Robert North, an ex-Jesuit philosopher and scripture scholar with a Ph.D. in Counseling.

I composed most of the material on this site with many associates.


Start with reading the Apocalyptic Messiah. In this short 95-page book, I quote Jesus in a way that explains the unified, radical “Way” that he, Eve, Abraham, and Buddha taught.

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