7771 teaches The Way of the Soul—a radically different “Way” to live. The books and other materials here argue that it is ultimately the only way to achieve personal and global peace.

In the Bible, the number 7771 means “the perfect one”  In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus views a “little one” as perfect—that is, one with himself and without a need for anything to make him whole. Therefore, Jesus makes becoming like that child the goal of someone on the Way of the Soul. 

Dr. Robert North, the founder of 7771, coined “The Way of the Soul.” However, throughout history others called this unique path to personal and spiritual development many names. For example, Eve (our name for the author of the Garden of Eden allegory), Abraham (our name for the author of the Abraham saga in Genesis), Buddha, and Jesus all called it the “Way.”

People worldwide have left conventional religions and other mental and spiritual health paths to be on the Way of the Soul. It is a Way that they have discovered because nature coded in our very being, or as some say, in our DNA. They call it by many names, and often a person lives it without naming it. Soul inspiration primarily guides these people and not their logical minds or the beliefs of those around them. They take responsibility for their inner dramas and do not blame others. They do not defend and promote dogmas. Instead they live daily to evolve in love and truth.

People on the Way of the Soul live so dynamically differently from the way most people live that they are often viewed as non-conformist threats, even by their own families and friends. As a result, they seek the companionship of others on The Way, whom they recognize and bond with easily.

That is why Dr. Robert North founded 7771. He hopes it becomes a meeting place for those on The Way of the Soul. He is the main contributor, but he desires to develop this site so that others may both post their video and written materials and connect with others.


Jesus taught the Way of the Soul, but most of his contemporaries misunderstood it or found it a threat. For example, we read in Acts 9: 1-2 about how, after Jesus died, Paul the Apostle persecuted people who followed Jesus’ Way:

Meanwhile, Saul (Paul the Apostle) was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples. So he went to the high priest and asked him for letters to the synagogues in Damascus so that if he found any there who belonged to the Way, whether men or women, he might take them as prisoners to Jerusalem.

Paul later experienced a mystical vision in which he met Jesus as the expected Messiah. However, instead of following his Way, Paul created and taught the theology that forms the foundation of Christianity today.

Thus, Christianity has never taught Jesus’ version of The Way of the Soul. If you were to ask theologians, religion professors, or clergy today to define that Way, you would discover that no one can do that or all the answers that you received would differ.

So, Jesus’ Way has been hidden. However, Dr. Robert North discovered it in The Gospel of Thomas. This is a First Century book discovered buried in Egypt in 1945. In it, we find Jesus’ lost core message that is only hinted at in the New Testament. In his translation and expose of Thomas, North presents twenty reasons to conclude that Jesus composed this Gospel.

Jesus Way is more than an alternative to religion. It is a mental/spiritual health system based on his revolutionary, paradigm-shift principles and logic. The “Overview/Primer” link summarizes it.

Eve, Abraham, and Buddha

Jesus drew on the ideas formulated in Genesis and in the early writings of Buddha. dr. North shows that in the book, The Second Coming of Eve, Abraham, Buddha, and Jesus, which is explained on this site.


Those desiring more information or wanting to be involved somehow, may contact Dr. North and staff at the link provided. Also people can register for a newsletter that will keep them informed about developments.
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