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New, Major<br> Biblical Archeological Discoveries

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New, Major
Biblical Archeological Discoveries

Robert North, Biblical Scholar, former Jesuit, with a Ph.D. in Counseling, has recently unearthed the lost literary methodology that the ancient Semites used to organize the Bible and their other texts. This find has led to a cascade of other culturally-shaking archeological discoveries.

How significant is this find? It calls into question the theology, sermons, commentaries, and other Biblical-based research of the past 2000 years!

Review: Dr. Barrie Wilson, former Chair of and Senior Scholar in the Department of Religious studies at York University concluded: “Overall, an original, brilliant piece of detective work. One major implication of this discovery is that it places the Synoptic gospel authors in a very different league than has hitherto been thought. Not only are they highly literate, but they are tapped into a Semitic mode of textual composition.”

Site Overview: You will find books and other materials describing this huge Biblical archeological discovery and its shocking implications. Put your cursor on a book to read more and to be taken to the Preface and key chapters.

The Semitic Secret: How Biblical Authors Organized their Books to Include a Dictionary/Commentary and a Method to Disclose Scribal Errors. A Workbook for Bible students and translators.

The Second Coming of Eve, Abraham, Buddha, and Jesus: How the Semitic Secret reveals their lost Way to personal and global peace.

Gospel Professional Book

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The Messiah’s Unrealized Revolution

This book presents the sayings of Paul the Apostle and Jesus. You will discover that unlike Paul:

  Jesus was a therapist, not a theologian,

 Jesus was leading people out of religion onto a “Way” for everyone, including Atheists, to achieve personal fulfillment in any situation,

  Jesus would be opposed to all religions today, including Christianity,

  Jesus died because he challenged authorities (clergy, politicians, etc.) who indoctrinated people with their personal answers,

  Jesus taught the ONLY solution to resolve religious conflicts.

  Jesus will fulfill the Messianic prophesies when everyone adopts his "Way" of growing in wise-love of all.

The Second Coming of Eve, Abraham, Buddha, and Jesus

Introduction: The name “Eve” designates the unknown author of the Adam and Eve story in the Bible.

Overview: Everyone wants a way to end religious and secular conflicts. Everyone wants a well-defined way to become a Buddha and a Jesus. And everyone wants a clear way to emotional health in any situation.

That Way exists: It has been hidden behind our misunderstanding of the Bible, Buddha’s wisdom poems.

Methodology: Robert North applied the Semitic Secret for the first time to these ancient works to reveal the true meaning of their metaphors, and through them, to the Way we all, including Atheists, seek to achieve personal and global peace.

The Result: This analysis proves that Eve, Abraham, Buddha, and Jesus taught the same alternative to theological and secular religion—which they called the “world” of “darkness,” “death,” “division,” and “enslavement.” In contrast, they modeled and preached the “Way” to “light,” “life,” “unity,” and “freedom.”

The Gospel of Thomas

Background: The Gospel of Thomas, a pre-third century book, was discovered buried up the Nile River in Egypt in 1945. The first two sentences state that Jesus was the author and Thomas was his scribe. Up until this publication, no one was able to determine its chapter, paragraph, and stanza breaks. Further, no one found a way to discern the author’s meaning for his key metaphors.

The Main Discovery: When Dr. North applied the Semitic Secret to Thomas, he discovered:

  That it was an intricately arranged book of wisdom poems,

  That when read correctly, the author’s meaning for his metaphors and poems became clear,

  That the author was teaching an alternative to indoctrinating religious, educational, and political institutions,

  That the author called indoctrinators “dark,” “dogs,” “dividers,” and “false gods,”

  That the author intended to empower people to discover their own answers with the help of Spirit, and

  That the author was teaching the ONLY Way to resolve religious and most other conflicts.


  The author almost certainly was murdered (as he might be today for such a message).

  The author needed to compose a book that would explain his revolutionary message after he died.

  The author would have given a copy of his book to trusted associates in case he died.

  The author would protect those with the book by not associating it with his name and by telling them to take it to a safe haven, such as Egypt after he was murdered.

Conclusion: Jesus composed The Gospel of Thomas, which is the only accurate record of his Messianic, unification message.

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