Review Workbook

An innovative new approach to understanding the composition of the gospels and other biblical writings. In this workbook, Robert North unearths the architecture of each work, showing how they were very carefully structured. He illustrates this newly discerned methodology rooted in ancient practices and invites the attentive investigator to share in the discovery.

We find that the gospels, for instance, are not simply historical narratives, with one event following another as they occurred, but are meticulously planned self-explanatory documents of high literary composition. Clearly, the composers of these writings were very literate. This has enormous implications for understanding both the authorship as well as the message they wished to convey.

The merit of this Work is that it is showing new STRUCTURE and new MEANING.
Overall, good and very insightful.

Barrie Wilson, PhD, Professor Emeritus & Senior Scholar, Religious Studies, York University, Toronto.

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