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From Dr. Barrie Wilson, former Chair of Religious Studies at York University

I found North's analysis of the Gospel of Thomas very insightful. He has done a remarkable job detecting order and structure, and that’s very impressive. Layout helps tremendously. His work makes the best sense I’ve seen out of this writing. Yes, this Jesus would reject a dogmatic edifice, Paul’s teachings and all absolutist claims in favor of a more open, honest and discerning religion. I especially like your view that Jesus was a therapist, not a theologian or even a prophet I guess.

Was this the original Jesus? I’m finding that question more and more perplexing. Certainly, the original Jesus was not Paul. So we can clear that deck.


North has done a great job, and as I said, I like his reconstruction.

Barrie Wilson


From: Lee Coit, author of the best-selling “Listening” Book Series

“Dr. North clearly explains how one uses his inner voice to enter what Jesus called, the ‘kingdom.’ It is a way-of-being in which we rule over ourselves and our interactions. We all know it when we enjoy a ‘peak’ or ‘enlightenment’ experience that lifts us out of ordinary living. Jesus realized that we could live all-day, every-day in such a heightened way.”


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