Gospel Professional Book

    In The Gospel of Thomas—Professional Edition, you will find:
  • The history of the discovery of the Gospel of Thomas in 1945.
  • The Gospel of Thomas as a 21 Chapter intricate arrangement of poems.
  • An explanation of the metaphors used in the Poems.
  • An explanation about how to read chapters and poems in parallel.
  • How Jesus’ revolutionary message differs from current Christian theology, and why, if lived, it would resolve religious conflicts and most other conflicts.
  • Extensive appendices that explain how to use Semitic Parallelism to determine the or-ganization of the Gospel of Thomas and many of the books of the Bible.
  • An explanation of Jesus’ epistemology.
  • Evidence that Jesus composed the Gospel of Thomas and an explanation of why it was hidden.
  • A primer for immediately practicing Jesus’ Way of the Soul.
  • A Self-Assessment that enables the reader to measure his development on the Way of the Soul.

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