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The Literal Gospel of Thomas 

You are about to read the Gospel of Thomas as people have not done in 2000 years.

    You will discover:
  • That many lines of evidence point to Jesus as the author of The Gospel of Thomas.
  • That Dr. Robert North translated and organized the Book in a way that is very close to what Jesus intended.
  • That Jesus was a mental and spiritual health therapist who did not found a religion. Instead, he taught a “Way” out of religious and political conflicts and into personal and global peace.
  • That Jesus composed his Gospel according to “Semitic Parallelism”—a highly sophisticated, ancient literary methodology that ceased to be used in about the 2nd Century CE. The Appendices explain how to use Semitic Parallelism to organize and interpret Thomas and the Bible in ways that have not been done in 2000 years.

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