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292 pages

The Messiah’s Unrealized Revolution

    In The Messiah’s Unrealized Revolution, you will find:
  • The history of the discovery of the Gospel of Thomas in 1945.
  • A selection 53 of Jesus’ wisdom poems from the full Gospel of Thomas that explain Jesus’ method of personal/spiritual development. Mental health professionals will discover the unified theory that has eluded Freud, Jung, and others.
  • Jesus’ unrealized revolutionary message and why, if lived, it would resolve religious conflicts and most other conflicts.
  • Evidence that Jesus was the Messiah and what to expect from his Second Coming.
  • A detailed presentation of the differences between Jesus’ and Paul the Apostle’s gospels.
  • A primer for immediately practicing Jesus’ Way of the Soul.
  • A Self-Assessment that enables the reader to measure his development on the Way of the Soul.
  • Evidence that Jesus composed the Gospel of Thomas and an explanation of why it was hidden.
  • A detailed presentation of the differences between Christian theology and Jesus’ gospel.
  • A presentation of how Jesus taught people to do the “will of God” in every thought and action.
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