“How to live a fulfilled and fulfilling life is the question this challenging and insightful book asks. What did the ancient religious masters really teach? Robert North’s expose of their original writings comes together in a clear and lucid fashion in this engaging book.”

Barrie Wilson, Ph.D., Former Department Chair and Senior Scholar, Religious Studies, York University, Toronto.

“Dr. North’s recent research has revealed that our commonly-held beliefs about the Biblical figures Eve, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus of Nazareth are false. Dr. North shows that by setting aside religious doctrines and reading their works as poems and allegories, filled with ancient metaphors. they become deeply meaningful and spiritually enlightening. Join Dr. North as he guides us anew on the journey that the Wise Ones of antique times always intended us to walk—“The Soul Way.”

Michael Ireland reading., Ma. Religious Studies, University of British Columbia; Ministerial Ph.D., University of Sedona

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