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82 pages

Designed to be read on readers and to be printed and put in a ring binder.


Biblical Authors Organized Their Books
To Include a Dictionary and Commentary And to Disclose Scribal Errors

A Workbook 
Teaching a Major Biblical Archeological Discovery

Current translations of the Biblical books present the text in columns. They are divided into chapters and verses. The verses are sometimes a sentence and sometimes a paragraph. That is NOT how many authors wanted us to read their works. Such a layout hides the signals the authors embedded in the text to show us their understanding of their metaphors and themes.

Most of the Biblical authors used ancient Semitic literary principles to compose their books. With them, they arranged the text to show their internal dictionary and commentary. We do not need expert opinions.

This Workbook teaches the Bible student the ancient literary principles that enable us to discover the original organization and meaning of over half of the books in the Bible and other ancient Hebrew texts. To make the lessons practical, we use examples from the Gospel of Mark.

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