Garden of Eden Allegory

In its Original Dramatic Organization


The Garden of Eden is arguably the most popular and important story ever composed. It forms the foundation of many religions. The featured “Tree of Life” is displayed in stone, wood, fabric and on other materials in the majority of present and ancient cultures.

The author condensed many kilometers of wisdom into a one-centimeter allegory. He did that by employing ancient metaphors. Every key-word possesses multiple meanings, which he explains in his layout. That arrangement contains his dictionary and commentary. Unless we read his Work as he arranged it, we cannot possibly understand his intentions.

Further complicating our understanding of this magnificent composition is the editing done by scribes over the centuries. The author lived at a time when there was little writing. He may have composed the allegory in his mind. He transmitted it orally to an audience who memorized it on the fly. Some people memorized it correctly, others added words to it or omitted words. Later, a scribe wrote down what he had heard from the author or someone else. Other later scribes copied that version. Some of them deliberately or by accident edited the Work. So what we possess today is not the original.

Robert North used an ancient literary method called Semitic Parallism to arrange the Book in a way that reveals the scribal edits. As a result, for the first time in 2000 years, we can read the original Book as the author intended.

To read this Gospel correctly, one will probably find it helpful to read the free Workbook that one can download from this site.

Also to read this Gospel as Mark desired, one may find it helpful to print it because:
1. The book is too large (17 inches wide and 11 inches high) to be read easily on a screen.
2. The pages can best be understood when placed side by side. That requires removing them from a ring binder for study.

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