Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark
In its Original Dramatic Organization


Current translations of the Biblical books present the text in columns. They are divided into chapters and verses. The verses are sometimes a sentence and sometimes a paragraph. That is NOT how many authors wanted us to read their works. Such a layout hides the signals the authors embedded in the text to show us their understanding of their metaphors and themes.

Most of the Biblical authors used ancient Semitic literary principles to compose their books. With them, they arranged the text to show their internal dictionary and commentary. We do not need outside expert opinions.

This is a literal translation of the Greek text. Further, every Greek word and phrase is translated the same way throughout the Gospel. That enables the reader can track how Mark uses various contexts to define the meaning of a word.

To read this Gospel correctly, one needs first, to read the free Workbook that one can download from this site.

Also to read this Gospel as Mark desired, one needs to read a printed copy because:
1. The book is too large (17 inches wide and 11 inches high) to be read easily on a screen.
2. The pages can best be understood when placed side by side. That requires removing
them from a ring binder for study.

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